We craft a custom investment plan with a plethora of diverse solutions for each and every client. At a high level here is how we approach getting to know you and understanding your financial priorities.

During our first consultation, we want to hear your story, learn about where you are today, and understand your current relationship with money. A judgement free zone, there are no right or wrong answers here and there is no charge for this consultation.

For our second meeting, we will focus on your risk tolerance and financial priorities. From here, we can start to map out your custom wealth management plan complete with specific investment opportunities and options. This consultation is also free of charge.

At our third consultation, we will both have a good sense of whether we are the right fit to be your investment adviser. 


If you would like to move forward with your personalized investment plan, we will review the starting process for handling your money along with our portfolio management fee, which, contingent on the assets you entrust, may be an annual flat-fee or a percentage of the securities we manage. 


There will be no surprises on how we will work together and the cost of doing business with us before you commit.


Are you ready to invest towards your future? Get in touch with us today to schedule your first consultation. 

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FOUNDATIONS | $2,000 annual flat fee


Ideal for the new investor, this comprehensive approach is all about laying solid groundwork, providing professional guidance and starting you on the good path towards navigating your wealth on your terms. 


Covering essential investment opportunities, education and execution, this comprehensive plan will help empower you to establish, understand and build your unique investment portfolio, while working to avoid frequent missteps, excessive risk and common pitfalls rampant across novice investors. 


All-inclusive by design, this package includes annual planning/budgeting, quarterly check-ins and access to your dedicated financial advisor throughout the year.


INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT | annual fee based on % of account value


Beginning with our signature service and high-touch approach, the investment management program is designed to expand and grow your investment portfolio based on your customized plan and distinct priorities. 


In line with standard industry practice, we base our annual advisory fee on the account value of the assets we manage as structured below:


  • $0 - $250K at 1.20%

  • $250K - $750K at 1.10%

  • $750K - $1M at 1.00%

  • $1M - $2M at 0.90%

  • $2M - $5M 0.75%


For clients with a portfolio valued at $5M and above, we will propose an annual flat fee based on your unique wealth management plan and requirements. 


ASK AWAY | starting at $200 for 2 hours


None of the above quite the right fit? If you have a specific line of inquiry, a special project that doesn’t fall within a proposed annual management plan or simply need a sounding board for now, we are here for you.